Our story



For SYMBIOSEAS founder, Camille, upholstery is definitely a family affair.
Camille has been introduced to this savoir-faire by his parents who have been providing marine upholstery services for years to many of the luxury yachts and boats docked in Antibes, the most important marina of both France and Europe.
Passionated at an early age by this craftmanship, Camille learnt and mastered its related creativity and techniques up to becoming himself a highly qualified and researched upholsterer.

Years later, fallen in love with Costa Rica, Camille decided to establish first in Santa Teresa, then in Playa Tamarindo and make use of his knowledge to run his own upholstery shop SYMBIOSEAS and serve luxury villas, hotels, floating estates, through particulars, property management companies, architectural designers, construction companies, tour operators and boat owners or managers, across Costa Rica.